Why Buy Sonora?

1- You've bought a new outfit and you need to match up your boots.

2- You've discovered that you can have the best of both worlds- fashion and comfort.

3- Spring cleaning left your closet bare, and you need to re-stock.

4- You feel the need for retail therapy.

5- You NEED them.

6- Do you really need a reason?

Our Motto

     In every woman’s life, there is a time when thoughts turn to comfort.  Why should footwear be an exception? After years of searching, we’ve developed a line of shoes with comfort and fit in mind.

     We at Sonora feel it’s important that our shoes be not only fashionable, but also COMFORTABLE! Since all women’s feet are NOT created equal we developed- “Oasis”, our new comfort and fit system.   

    With Oasis, we are striving to create footwear that is just as comfortable at the end of a great girl's night out as when you first put them on. We are succeeding- finding that we can wear our favorite Sonoras all day, every day! 

 Our Beliefs
     Women should not have to struggle to find reasonably priced, stylish and comfortable footwear.  We wear our boots and flats everyday.  We not only stand by them, we stand in them! Through hard work, dedication, time and attention to detail, we now have the footwear you will want to wear, all day- everyday! 

 Our Name

     Sonora is named after the Sonoran Desert which covers large parts of the south western United States.  It is one of the largest deserts in North America, covering 120,000 square miles.  The colorful plants, flowers, and beautiful sunsets have inspired the designs in our collections.  When you step into a pair of Sonoras we hope you feel as beautiful as the Sonoran in all its splendor. 

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